Knowledge is the first step to intelligent defense

RedJack provides government agencies and corporations with targeted solutions for complex enterprise network security problems. We develop specialized technology and analytics that discover critical vulnerabilities and protect high-valued information assets.

Our Fathom portfolio is designed to easily integrate with your existing systems, serving as an additional layer of defense. We streamline your processes, unburden your team, and empower you to use your resources more efficiently and effectively.

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Why Redjack


We help protect over a million network users and 8% of the Internet's IP space, with hundreds of top intelligence analysts relying on our tools and techniques every day.


We enlist only the best and brightest, and have more than a dozen named intrusions, state-of-the-art published research and decades of real world experience to prove it.


We play well with others. RedJack's interoperable products work seamlessly with competing and complementary defense systems, so you can get more out of your existing tools.

Targeted Solutions

Your network is unique and ever-changing-and so is your business. We work to address your particular needs and provide solutions that empower innovation, not impede it.

Actionable Intelligence

We transform data into meaningful action. Our actionable alerts mitigate false positives, empowering you to focus on what's actually important.

Straight Talk

Candid, honest analysis. We don't speak in buzzwords, push what's popular, or sell with scare tactics. We tell you what you need to know to protect your specific network in the real world.