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Your network is a flurry of activity: some productive, most mundane, and some potentially malicious. The challenge is to find the needle in the ever-changing haystack.

Fathom Traffic transforms chaos into order with behavioral analytics, monitoring your network's live activity, detecting threats as they happen, and supplying actionable information. This unrivaled solution is simply the most effective way to assess risks and decisively act against hacks, attacks, and insider threats.

Intelligent Analysis

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Many tools simply collect data, requiring analysts to make sense of it and dividing their time, resources, and attention. Fathom Traffic acts as a force multiplier with automated and intelligent analysis that enables your staff to respond to threats efficiently and effectively.

Actionable Alerts

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Our advanced change-detection software spots suspicious activity, identifies well-concealed attacks, and notes suspect behavior coming from inside your network and out. Fathom Traffic provides prioritized alerts based on the value of the endangered assets, so you can spend your attention wisely.

Benefit From Our Expertise

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The scientists, analysts and engineers behind Fathom Traffic are the greatest minds in traffic analysis. Our tools and technology are relied upon by hundreds of analysts everyday, protecting over a million users and 8% of the Internet's IP space. Our team literally wrote the book on advanced traffic analysis and continues to publish leading academic texts.

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