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Gather Threat Intelligence

The Internet can be a dangerous place. Equip yourself with the intelligence to separate the good from the bad with reputation data and powerful tools. Thoroughly comb through the Internet, including the "dark web"-an unseen corner of the Internet where cybercriminals sell exploits to break through security systems, exchange illegal contraband, and steal credit card information. To stay safe, you need to know who can be trusted, which threats apply to your network, and when people are
talking about you.

Fathom Context acts as a search engine and alert system for threat intelligence, scouring the entire web for any information relevant to your network security. Easily integrated with Fathom Assets and Fathom Traffic, this capability leverages language, relationships, and your known vulnerabilities to provide intelligence tailored to you. Fathom Context is already used by law enforcement and nonprofits to stop crimes like human trafficking on the web and off.

Shine a Light on the Dark Web

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We use advanced computational techniques from graph theory and natural language processing to analyze emerging and anonymous criminal activity on the dark web. Our semantic analytics identify illicit activities by understanding the meaning, context, and associations of discussions on the dark web.

Identify Known Threats

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Sometimes your reputation precedes you. Cybercriminals are no different. Fathom Context provides an open API to access our robust reputation data on known attackers. Associate attacks, learn their methods, and intelligently defend your network against the dark side.

Bolster Your Defense with Easy Integration

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Fathom Context was built to be thoroughly interoperable; we encourage clients to integrate our databases and tools with any existing defense systems. Prioritize threats and reduce false positives by qualifying alerts with our rich reputation data.

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