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Know your Network

You can't defend what you don't understand. The emergence of cloud services, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices, and unauthorized shadow IT solutions has weakened your network's perimeter. These developments expose your assets to malicious and unintended uses, leaving your organization vulnerable to new threats.

Fathom Assets tells you what's operating on your network in real-time. This powerful tool scans from the outside and monitors from the inside to gather intricate intelligence on your assets, prioritize your lines of defense, and alert you to vulnerabilities.

Defend Smarter

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Not all assets are equally important: chances are good you care more about protecting your trade secrets than your March Madness spreadsheet. Fathom Assets enables you to identify what's essential, so you can spend your time and resources protecting what matters most.

Identify Vulnerabilities

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Beyond knowing your network, Fathom Assets alerts you to new and existing vulnerabilities, suspicious configuration changes, and potentially rogue software. Fathom Assets empowers you to understand what's important, mitigate risk by minimizing exposure, and receive actionable alerts to disrupt attacks.

Integrate Your Network
Security Systems

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Your security is strongest when all your investments work together seamlessly. That's why we taught Fathom Assets to play well with others. Easily and automatically feed data from existing intrusion detection systems, vulnerability analyses, and security information and event management tools into Fathom Assets to verify info, filter out false alarms, and build a robust defense.

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