Network Security Data Scientist

RedJack is looking for a Network Security Data Science Analyst that will be responsible for applying big data solutions and modeling approaches to network security problems. These network security problem range from leveraging disparate data sources to predict malicious behavior to inventorying and categorizing network assets based on behavioral patterns. The ideal candidate must be able to quickly address a problem with a well-thought out, tractable solution that he/she can implement (independently and/or with developer support) and deliver to the customer in a timely manner. Additionally, the candidate must be able to assist the program manager with scoping customer requirements that are vague.

RedJack operates in a rapidly changing, fast paced space within the DoD. In protecting a multinational network, RedJack proposes scalable predictive analytics to reduce network risk and improve incident response times. We have fostered a reputation for understanding customers' concerns and addressing their needs with consistent, high-performing solutions. Therefore, we have the opportunity to proactively identify and define solutions to root causes and bring the customer past risk reduction as a response to a more predictive and strategic posture.

The Network Security Data Scientist will be responsible for:

Required Skills