About Redjack

Who We Are

RedJack was born to tackle the world's toughest cybersecurity challenges. Founder Greg Virgin designed and deployed powerful security software for national intelligence agencies still widely used today. He launched RedJack in 2007 on the firm belief that he could make a bigger impact with a lean team of intelligent, independent thinkers. He was right.

Originally dedicated to protecting critical government agencies like the Dept. of Defense, NSA, and Dept. of Energy, RedJack grew by enlisting only the best and brightest: half of our team members are PhDs and many have literally written the book (i.e. leading scholarly texts) on network security.

RedJack currently helps defend over 8% of the Internet's IP space, with hundreds of top security analysts depending on our tools and techniques to protect more than a million users every day. We now serve private companies, as well as government agencies, with a robust suite of network-based SaaS tools.

Who We Serve

Tough challenges are RedJack's specialty. We meet the unique cybersecurity needs of governments, financial services, law enforcement agencies, and enterprises that sink or swim on the protection of their IP. Our solutions are designed to strengthen existing systems, lighten the load on your team, and support the organization's larger goals.

Our Values

RedJack is proud to be a value-driven organization. Our deeply-held convictions spur everything we do, from the technology we build, to the projects we take on, to the results we achieve.


We aim to be a force for good. RedJack partners with security agencies, law enforcement and international initiatives to keep the Internet safe, secure, and open.


We pull no punches, speak no lies, and have the technical chops to back up our talk. As a private company, we're free to tell it to you straight and develop products that play nice with competitors.


One of our favorite phrases is "that's weird." We recognize that outliers, errors, and unexpected events are opportunities for investigating new problems and developing effective solutions.


We consistently overachieve, holding ourselves to the highest standards. We enlist the industry's top talent, pioneer breakthrough technologies, and never settle for "good enough."

Our Mission

RedJack fights enemies others can't see because we're about more than the security of computers and networks. We protect people and organizations on the Internet.